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Message of the Day Part I: Balancing The Scales

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Temperance, Justice and the Knight of Cups tarot cards pulled from the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle
Temperance, Justice and the Knight of Cups tarot cards pulled from the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle

Deck: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

Pull: Temperance, Justice, Knight of Cups

Interpretation: We start in the center again, which seems to be a theme this week. See Tuesday's Message of the Day for more!

A BIG pull, the Justice card shines like a beacon, sitting firmly with a laser-like focus on truth, responsibility and balance. Libra is represented in the tarot by this very card, so this further underscores today's message, and consider it may play out over the current zodiac season, which runs from September 23 to October 23.

On the left we have Temperance, one side of Justice's scales. Temperance points to a need to be more active in balancing our lives. Paired with Justice, it implies we need to take more responsibility in finding the right mix of doing versus resting, of giving versus receiving, of selfless service versus self-centered introspection. Temperance in this sense is a verb. It changes by the day, and possibly by the hour. It's finding the joy in the preparation AND the ability to flow. It's recognizing the magic hidden in the mundane. It's finding purpose in the process of life itself. This is the ultimate version of self-reliance.

On the right, we have the Knight of Cups, who acts from a place of love, sending a peace offering into the world. The personal alchemy we're learning through daily life via Temperance will lead to the courage of sharing more of ourselves to the outside world, dipping our toes in the water of authenticity, baby steps to the realization that we are enough, we are overflowing with love and we're ready to move into a future where we can be at home with ourselves anytime, anywhere. This is the ultimate way to take responsibility for the energy you bring to the world.

Happy balancing.

Oracle for this season: In a world of duality and polarity, living with intention to seek a healthy balance will lead us to a path of heart-centered action.

Part II of this season's message will drop tomorrow, Friday, September 30.

Journal prompts: Where can I take more responsibility for balance in my life right now? What would I like to offer outwardly that I haven't yet found the courage to do just yet? What would make me feel more confident in sharing that piece of myself with the world?

Affirmations: I find balance through preparation and flexibility. I share my unique gifts, perspectives and talents with the world for its betterment as well as my own. I take responsibility for the energy I bring to the world.

Songs to match: "Get the Balance Right!" —Depeche Mode


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