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Unveiling the Mysteries of the Human Heart: A Channeled Message on Evolution

The heart is such a beautiful muscle and power center, and you all inherently know this. It easily clogs, because it is a filter through which love is intended to flow, yet some have lost the knowing of how to cleanse and clear this center, which is a regular, daily, sometimes hourly task. Many go an entire lifetime without the curiosity of how to heal the heart, and the human race now suffers greatly from this loss of knowledge.

The heart's energy is the most powerful force available on the planet, and when combined in harmony with one another, can produce miracles on a cosmic scale. This is where we begin our story of fortitude and adventure, of love and miracles, of destiny and upliftment. This is where we all begin, with the beating of a tiny heart deep inside the womb of the mother. 

Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump it sings, a tiny dream, a tiny drum, a rhythmic song of muscle and blood, oxygen and earth, connecting you all to your mother and your Mother - the earth. So long as her heart beats, so does yours, the electrical fields syncing with one another, the connection is never lost, even for the astronauts that leave her atmosphere. It starts in the heart and it ends with the heart. It is the alpha and the omega. It is the genesis as well as the revelation. Everything with humanity begins and ends with the heart, which is why it is such a special place, the temple of truest self, the chalice of everlasting love. There is much lore around the heart, because it is inherently felt that this is the seed of the soul. It grows both down and up, but is centered here.

Everything filters through the heart. This has already been stated, and yet it remains one of the most important components of the message. It must be tended to properly. It must be listened to. It must be prioritized above all, so that the clarity of love will reach all those in need. The world is undergoing a massive heart cleansing at this time, which is why things feel so heavy and burdened. In order to unburden the hearts of humanity, they must be pushed to the edge of their capacity to love, and to open up to more love of more of humanity. The love of self has overtaken the love of Self; this is a false love, a false god, a worship of things that do not exist, and therefore the worship of pointlessness. This pointlessness leads to purposelessness, and this leads to hopelessness. This is all leading to more lack, or the perception thereof, where abundance is attempting to flow, it is not perceived as such, because the definitions revolve entirely around the false self. It is time to let go and truly let Goodness, to let Goodness into the space of your heart, but to do so involves the unblocking, the clearing, the cleansing, the weeping, the longing, the rage and sorrow. It requires rewiring through the essence of feeling deeply. Purging, purging, purging the sorrows; it washes away the small self, making room, so much more room for the bigger Self, in which all things are vastly different than you have ever perceived before this time in human history. The beauty of the All will begin to outweigh the decreptude of the few. 

These things are flowing now through you due to timing. You are feeling things for a reason. Humanity is feeling things more deeply, seeing things more truthfully, bearing witness to those who need the witnessing. There is more courage than ever before. The communities are beginning to lift the voices of the meek and lowly, the poor and the sullen, the just are beginning to rise. Some things have to happen to open the hearts of humanity and some of humanity has consciously allowed for them to happen to open the hearts of their fellow man. There is a divine purpose to all things that have and will transpire for the good of the future. This is an emotional evolution, just as there continues to be a physical evolution. The heart connection will grow much stronger in humans over the next hundred years to allow for an even deeper anchoring of presence from spirit on this planet. There have been and always will be waves of pioneering hearts willing to step forth and experience the density of existence in a body, with a heart both spiritual and physical, and act as the vehicles for expansion of this most important energy center. Humans, the entire point is the heart. You came to feel it all, and now you are learning how to open enough to indeed feel more and more. Your capacity is growing greater than you could ever know. The night is long, but the dawn comes quickly. You will endure. Your hearts will be softer. Your lands will be healthier. Your lives will be more whole. Your love will grow. Hold on.

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