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Happy Pride Month: A message of release, freedom and liberation

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Pride month meditation and a beautiful photo of a rainbow in the sky.

This message is always appropriate, but especially potent during Pride Month.

A meditative writing piece on releasing bindings and choosing love in our own lives.

How do we set one another free?

Where we bind, we are bound.

When we release the "other", we release ourselves.

Therefore, let us continue to liberate, for all are freed when one frees themselves.

When all secrets are brought to light, healing begins.

When healing begins, healing continues.

When healing continues, strength is built.

When strength is built, confidence grows.

When confidence grows, love emanates.

When love emanates, liberation expands.

When liberation expands, we rise together.

When we rise together, we share our true nature.

When we share our true nature, we merge with Divinity itself.


A prayer and affirmation for those struggling to release their bindings, and/or those of others.

Fear is no longer my narrative, for Love is the choice I make minute to minute.

I always have a choice. Love is the choice I will resolve to make. I recognize the voice of truth, which speaks with energies of Love. I resolve to think, decide, act and speak from this voice as often as I am able. I am not afraid of the voice of Love, for I know it knows my soul and leads me to myself whenever I have lost my compass. I know the voice of Love speaks only the truth, even when it feels unfamiliar and strange. I recognize that living in a challenging world where I fear or bind another person is a mirror of Love pointing to a place within myself that deserves and requests more compassion and awareness. I open my heart wide enough to hand over the steering wheel to Love. I offer my thoughts in service of the new leader of my life, Love. I am a harbinger of Love, a bearer of Love, a holder of Love, a receiver of Love, and expansion of Love and a leader of Love. As I release myself from the bindings of fear, I release others from my projections of this fear. I have the power to free myself with Love. Love is the choice I will resolve to make.

And so it is, Amen.

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