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I am an advocate for

We are all worthy of love, and it’s my goal to reflect that through living a truthful life, delivering compassionate and honest messages through Tarot Coaching Sessions, creative writing, poetry and more.


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Enthusiasm is my gasoline

Joy my needed evergreen

Faith, my trusted confidant

Hope, she rises more than not

Courage paves the forward path

Humor applies the hearty laugh

Love directs and brings the “wow!”

We all join hands and take a bow

poetry, tarot and an online journal laid bare. 

Join me on this crazy adventure, but only if you dare. 

(Not everything will rhyme all the time, to this I solemnly swear.)

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What does hope feel like? The sun's warmth our skin after emerging from an over-air-conditioned room. The deep breath before walking into a big meeting. The final clump of damp dirt on top of freshly planted seeds. A random refund check you find in the mail. A really big, long hug from someone after you've told them (or they've told you) "I'm sorry."
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The Fool

He stops at the cliff’s edge

Nary a worry in his sight

Innocent and free

His currency is glee

Worlds to discover

Lessons to uncover

Today, the Fool is me

Amber Ambrose Poem - The Fool
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Amber Ambrose - The Gratitudes

The Gratitudes

They sit in the back

Quiet and observing

Soft and deserving

Like velvet blankets

Of grace, ever-serving

No flash, no pomp

No circumstance here

Just holding space 

For the absence of fear

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Grace is unconditional love in action. Grace is kindness where it matters most and expected least. Grace is unquestioned acceptance, immediate forgiveness, merciful kindness that coincides with the exact moment it's needed. Grace is the best example of free will in both giving and receiving. It's an offering that leaves an instant lift in the spirit for both parties involved in its exchange.



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