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What stories are waiting for you in the cards?

They can be mundane or profound, funny or sad, challenging or validating. But tarot always tells the truth, and that's why I love reading the cards, and writing about them.

In my own spiritual path, the tarot provided a mirror in which I could see my progress, my grief, my anger, my strengths, my joys and my obstacles. The constant being that each message propelled me forward into greater awareness of myself and the world around me. 

It's this gift of personal development I hope to offer you through private tarot and oracle card readings as well as private events. Info on specific packages are found below. Have questions? Let's chat.

Private event rates are $125 per hour with a $250 event charge minimum. Please email me directly for inquiries. References available upon request.

Current Offerings


What People Say

Being new to tarot, I appreciated her down to earth interpretations which made it easy for me to understand. And her reminder that the reading would continue to show up in my life for days and weeks to come. It’s been beautiful to watch my readings unfold.

MK LeMaster

Amber's connection is magical. She is incredibly insightful and genuinely cares about her craft. Her readings have informed my sessions with my therapist and journal prompts, and she has helped me to be more intentional about where I focus my energies. I am blessed to know her and experience her gift.

Amber really cares about her reading subject. Unlike some readers, it's clear that she's not delivering rote or repeated prompts; she's really invested in helping the subject understand or bring to their consciousness things that they wouldn't or couldn't identify prior to the session. Would recommend a reading from Amber for anyone looking to explore big life questions or just better understand something that's been bothering you lately.

Lauren M
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