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A Message For Libra Season, Starting September 23, 2023

Libra Season "A message about balance" overlayed a photo of a Southwestern United States sunset

There's not a better metaphor for the equinox than a pair of balanced scales, so it's no surprise that Libra season lines up with this portion of the year. The equinox reminds us that as the wheels turn, there are places that we often meet in the middle. That middle means the day and the night are equal in length across the planet. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we head into autumn while the new life of spring bursts across the Southern Hemisphere.

Soon, we'll be at the polar opposites of summer and winter solstice, and so the seasons keep moving us along in this beautiful and cosmic dance of duality, and as of this Saturday, equilibrium.

The Message

When we think of the equinox, we think of going inward, days growing darker, introspection. Because we are immersed in the season physically, we often forget there is an entire hemisphere of our planet immersed in a wholly opposite season. They are returning to an outward focus, where the light becomes brighter and longer as the season progresses. This is inherently the reminder of Libra: Balance is always in place. We are in one place, and our counterparts on the opposite side of the wheel are in the other. We are not meant to be in the same season at the same time.

As we continue to live in the tiny universe that is our personal, egoic world, may we also allow the awareness of universal experience into our lives. We are not the only ones. Our problems are not the problems of the world nor are all the problems of the world ours. The scales tip, they sway, but they always balance in some unseen way. We need not worry about the darkness coming, for the light is coming too. It is our job to live the seasons as we are in them, but to also let others live theirs too. Balance is the natural state of the universe, and there's thankfully, nothing we can do to change that.


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