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Tarot Sermon of the Week: Sustainability

A full transcript of the Tarot Sermon About Sustainability:

Hello. Let's take a breath together.

Today I want to talk about sustainability. Because as above, so below; whatever is happening inside of us, is manifesting outside of us. And when we're living sustainably, we're making sustainable choices. I'm not talking about physical things. I'm talking about setting healthy boundaries, limiting our access to media when we know it's weighing us down. This is about being able to respond to our desires with worthiness. That's something I struggle with, as you all know. Being able to express our authenticity without fear. There's so many things and they require big life choices, but those come through a series of small shifts.

I truly believe that when humanity gets to a place of internal sustainability, feeling good about themselves consistently not searching for things outside of our control, or just filling something with material things...I mean I love a good meal. I love a cute dress. None of that's wrong. It's just when it becomes our focus or when convenience trumps wholeness.

It really is causing problems on the planet. And that's all something that is also happening internally as, as a species. We're depleted. The world that we have set up as humans with our beautiful minds is a little complicated. We've invented something called money. And trust me, I want to earn it too. But it's just like we're further and further removed from the actual source of everything that provides for us, which is the earth and so I wanted to do reading. The first card that fell out—maybe you saw it—was The World. I say this a lot. We have everything we need. I love that the earth is literally on here with a rainbow. The world is a completion of a cycle. And to me sustainability is a cycle. It's a series of decisions that we can make, knowing that we're at one point in a cycle or another, knowing that whatever we're in, if it's challenging is not going to last forever, and knowing that whatever we're in, if it's at the top of the world, is also not going to last forever.

It's learning to keep an even baseline internally in our soul and our heart. You know, being mentally centered, being aware of our emotions, like we are the world walking around in bodies, we are we are an entire world unto ourselves. And when we don't make sustainable choices for ourselves first, of course, we're going to project that depletion on to the environment around us.

Let's see what else they have to say. Inspiration when we're feeling good when we're in equilibrium, when we're connected when we feel sustained. It allows channels open up inside of us that bring us inspiration, light us up and give us the joy of like a new idea. The excitement of possibility, the spark of creativity that can lead to something greater or if nothing else, give us just hope that there's something more beyond our current circumstance and I can't think of anything better than that.

Perfect, I was hoping she would come out: Abundance. It's all around us. It's all around us. It is a nice breeze on a summer day when you're really hot and you just need a little bit of coolness it is I'm looking outside at my garden which is just overflowing from all the rain and the sun and it's like truly springtime at my house. It's the sun that comes every single day to shine whether the clouds are here or not. To grow things on the earth to warm us to make sure that we we have the energy that we need. We're part of the sun: We eat plants, plants, feed animals, and part of the way they make food is the sun, and then the earth which just constantly, constantly is refreshing renewing, releasing and rebirthing over and over and that's exactly what we do and we resist it.

And we feel depleted or we feel like we need to do something, and we don't listen to ourselves. But I'm here to say when we can feel sustained when we can make it through the cycles and be aware of where we're at on that wheel constantly turning and just be aware, we will not look outside of ourselves in a way that we feel like we need to just keep acquiring things and own everything and drive bigger cars buy bigger houses, buy more expensive clothes, because we'll be so centered and happy and sustained and who we are right here that we'll just be hanging out and singing and dancing and eating good food and gardening and hanging out in the forest together. I really believe that. Hope you have a very sustainable day.


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