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Message of the Day: Rewriting Our Story

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Tarot cards from left to right: Page of Swords, Eight of Cups and The Empress
Page of Swords, Eight of Cups and The Empress from Lisa Sterle's Modern Witch Tarot Deck, published by Liminal 11.

Deck: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

Pull: Page of Swords, 8 of Cups and The Empress

Interpretation: Using the 8 of Cups as the central card in this reading, the message is one of turning our backs on the known in search of something different. Today may find us rewriting an old story that came from an immature and insecure point of view (Page of Swords) that is now ready to evolve past our current comfort zone. We have reached the point where we are more intrigued about who we are becoming than who we think we are supposed to be, allowing our hearts to lead us into the unknown.

The cards also point to a journey of fully embodying who we truly are. We're no longer just bullet points on a resumé, social media follower counts, a paycheck (or lack thereof), a wife, a husband, a son, a daughter, a doctor, a bartender, a bar back, a musician, a parent, an aunt, an uncle...we're evolving into a place of becoming where material labels cannot accurately describe our full brilliance and abundance.

There are no earthly measurements for this new journey, only the journey itself. The Empress is beckoning us to not simply recite the affirmations, but to LIVE them, to transform ourselves—our very essence—into nourishment, pleasure, and life itself.

Journal prompts: What am I pulled to move away from today? What do I feel pulled towards today? What does my heart REALLY want? What thoughts or beliefs about myself could be preventing me from new adventures?

Affirmations: I live courageously by choosing the path of my heart.

Songs to match: "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'" - Nancy Sinatra


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