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Message of the Day: Magic In The Air

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Deck: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

Pull: The Magician, King of Wands, The Emperor

Interpretation: It's all come down to this. THIS WEEK, Y'ALL.

Monday it was a day of quiet contemplation and endings.

Tuesday it was a reminder that we can be masters of this earthly realm if only we could believe we were worthy. (We are.)

Wednesday we had a BIG release to let go of suppressed internal pain.

Thursday we were reminded how shedding heavy things can lead to a huge spiritual release.

Friday is HERE now and the Universe is ready, and so are we. The story continues!

The Magician's mission is to assemble all the tools we've gained: the confidence, inspiration and willpower of the wands (fire energy), the emotional intelligence and creative flow of the cups (water energy), the intelligence and communication skills of the swords (air energy) and the ability to manifest, mold and harvest the fruits of our magic in the real world (earth energy). Basically, grab your wand. Things are aligned. Destiny is ready to play out, because you learned the lessons, you did the work, you shed the old skin and you're feeling good. The end is over. The beginning has just begun.

King of Wands echoes the message that all the inner work has opened up the space for not only receiving inspiration, but being able to convert it into something tangible and valuable.

This is where the Emperor steps in and takes control, sets everything up for success for the long haul, putting systems in place, delegating with assertiveness and holding a strong vision far into the future.

The time is now. Harness your magic. You've got this, and the Universe has you.

Journal Prompts: What's my next authentic power move? What dreams am I working towards today? Where is the magic in my life most apparent right now?

Affirmations: I am powerful. I am confident. I am in control of my life.

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