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Message of the Day: Money, Money, Money

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Deck: Rider Waite Smith

Pull: King of Pentacles

Interpretation: Today is the first day of Virgo season in which we transition from blurred bedtimes and later sunsets to a time of earlier mornings and structured routines.

This is when the King of Pentacles enters the chat. He keeps his courtyard protected with strong boundaries, yet still connects to the wild greenery growing inside. He lives within his means, but also knows how to enjoy them fully. He is the master of his resources, they are not the master of him.

The King values planning for both short- and long-term needs. He takes his time before utilizing physical resources, leaning on his past experiences to spend/save/invest them with wisdom. He is not afraid to spend when necessary, understanding that life is a give and take of energy, constantly flowing. He is not afraid to save, understanding the power of forethought and self-discipline.

Today, the King is prompting us all to take a moment to examine the ways we deplete, save or multiply our physical resources. He's also indicating that intention directed to this area of our lives will lead to fruitful returns. Where attention goes, energy flows after all.

Journal prompts: Where in my life could I exercise more self-control over my physical environment or my resources? How could I more fully enjoy where I am in life right now? What are my goals for the next five years and how can I plan my resources in a way that helps me achieve those?

Final thoughts: Money is here to empower us, not to imprison us.

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