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Card of the Day: August 19, 2022

Deck: The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris Anne

Pull: Knight of Pentacles

Interpretation: Slow and steady wins the race, but what if the race itself is more valuable than winning? The Knight of Pentacles sows his seeds, enraptured with the feel of the earth beneath his feet, maintaining a vision of his future while also keeping himself grounded in the present. After all, pining for an unpredictable future as its own destination is often a stripping of joy in the present moment. The Knight knows how to embrace the entire process of creation, from the sowing all the way to the reaping, acknowledging that it really is about the journey, *not so much the destination. It is in the doing that we learn, we rejoice, we work through discomfort, we learn when to rest and when to push through, we find our edge, we learn how to develop the inner coaching voice, we dig deep for self-compassion, we find our sense of self-reliance and so much more. In the doing, we find our place in the world.

There is a time to wait and see and then there's the time to do. Wisdom is knowing where you are in this process. For the Knight, it's the latter. Faith without works is dead.

*The destination is often important to set the course of any journey, but simply focusing on the end without putting in the work will get us nowhere.

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