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The Story Of The Week: October 3-7, 2022

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Trying something different this week! I'll be traveling and attempting to unplug, so here's a comprehensive message for us to cover Monday through Friday. You can ingest it as a full story or take it one day at a time, each card representing an energy for that specific day.

From left to right: Oracle cards from Kim Krans' The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck cards the Whale, Unicorn, Tarantula, Black Egg and Fish.
From left to right: Oracle cards from Kim Krans' The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck cards the Whale, Unicorn, Tarantula, Black Egg and Fish.

Deck: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck from Kim Krans

Overview: This week, we'll be diving deep into our emotional reserves, using the wisdom we've built up from our many life experiences to guide us through. This could lead us to a big realization or insight that helps unravel a mystery, offer a solution or opens the door to a greater level of awareness about a situation in our lives.

This unraveling, solution or awareness might have us feeling like we're at a crossroads in life, yearning to pick a direction that we've not quite had the courage yet to speak aloud until...we do speak it and give it life by taking it out of our heads and hearts and speaking it into the very beginning of its existence.

As everything in life, sometimes progress is two steps forward and one step back. The end of the week may have us feeling a bit of trepidation about our newfound truth and our newfound ability to speak about it openly and honestly. It's a "feel the fear and do it anyway" kind of vibe, even if we feel like a fish caught up in the current of life, with no control of our trajectory. (This is only the ego side of us trying to keep us in a place of comfort rather than one of progress.) This too, shall pass.

Day by day:

Monday, Whale—Today is a day where we are feeling the wisdom of our heart in its full depth. Perhaps we find a way to self-soothe in a difficult situation, take the time to care for ourselves in a meaningful way or simply take a moment to appreciate how far we've come in our emotional journey. Inner peace is the vibe and water energy rules the day.

Tuesday, Unicorn—In this deck, the Unicorn is representative of the sixth chakra also known as the "third eye." It's the place where we can see from within, where intuition is clear and focused and messages that arise are from the quiet voice of connection. It might be a day to proactively seek solitude in search of a solution, a gut feeling or an insight that could suddenly surface given we provide the space for its emergence. Spirit energy rules the day.

Wednesday, Tarantula—With the peacefulness and insights lighting our way early in the week, Wednesday could have us facing down a path. One, not surprisingly, is less traveled. The other is well-worn, for we have walked it before. It's not really a question of whether it's old or new, but whether we base our next steps on optimism or fear. Are we hoping to avoid an outcome or create a new one? The underlying inspiration for choosing the path should be considered before undertaking the journey. (Hint: Choose optimism!) Fire energy rules the day.

Thursday, Black Egg—Another one from the spirit cards! This could really be a big week. If the momentum of Monday's inner peace, Tuesday's insight emergence and Wednesday's big decision continues, Thursday could see us finding the courage to speak our newfound truth out loud. Perhaps we're finally admitting something to ourselves and others that we weren't quite ready to share until today, which allows it to begin a journey of manifestation. Spirit energy rules the day.

Friday, Fish—Speaking things into existence and truth takes courage, and courage is helpful but oftentimes fleeting. Don't worry, it'll be back. We may feel as if we've been swept up by the quick moving currents of the stream, yearning to change our mind, feeling the fear of what it means to speak our truth aloud. This too, shall pass. We let the current rage until it reaches a point beyond the rapids. Accepting and communicating a truth is not always a smooth process. Know there is purpose in every part of the journey, even if we feel restless and uncomfortable for a moment. Water energy rules the day.

Journal prompts: What is waiting to emerge and be spoken aloud? In what ways can I offer myself more emotional depth? What motivates me to make bold decisions? What techniques can I use to find my center when I'm feeling anxious and restless?

Affirmations: I am ready to face, seek and speak my own truth. I am worthy of following my own truth. I allow the truth to emerge from my heart by cultivating inner peace and stillness.

Songs for the playlist: "Songs of the Humpback Whale"—Dr. Robert Payne, "Cross Road Blues"–Robert Johnson, "Truth to Power"—OneRepublic


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