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Tarot Card Story Time: Getting Grounded in Self-Trust

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

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Deck: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle, Roots & Wings Oracle Deck from Kat Ryalls

Pull: Modern Witch—Six of Cups, Four of Cups, The Moon, Nine of Pentacles

Roots & Wings—Crafty, Dreamer

Interpretation: Some memories or actual people from our childhood may be coming in hot with apologies or waxing poetic about the past (Six of Cups) and our current self is just not having it (Four of Cups). Either we've traveled this way before and we don't want to go down that road again, or we're just feeling resistance to those memories or people. That's ok!

Honoring our feelings is important. Why are we feeling resistance? Why does this nostalgia not work for us?

The Moon is here to give us a little clue: Something might feel off with this memory or person's presence because there's something buried in our subconscious that is here to protect us. It could be a lack of trust, a weird vibe or simply a desire to avoid parts of the past we've already healed (or on the flip-side, haven't yet had the capacity to heal).

Bottom line, we need to trust ourselves. Fox is a reminder that we have these gut reactions for a reason. We all have the ability to discern truth. Memories aren't always objective, and can be tinted with strong emotion, which often makes them unreliable. Dreamer is also coming in with a message of staying grounded and not giving away all of our power to thoughts or a tendency to overthink.

Speaking of staying grounded, Nine of Pentacles is asking us to take action to do just that. Go outside by ourselves, get our hands dirty (or at least surround ourselves with natural beauty), notice what's growing, what's changing, what breezes are blowing, what flowers are blooming and re-center ourselves in the Earth herself. She is always the best medicine when we need to be reminded of the bigger picture. All we need to do is find a way to get outside and breathe. Sometimes, it really is that simple.

Journal prompts: In what situations do I feel the most grounded and connected to the moment? What memories are coming up this week for me and why? What gut reactions have improved my life recently? What situations in my life do I feel the most resistance to right now?

Affirmations: I am grounded. I trust myself. I am capable of discerning truth in this moment.

Songs to match: "Fight Song"—Rachel Platten, "Intuition"—Jewel, "Take Me Home, Country Roads"—John Denver


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