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August 5, 2022: Tarot Card of the Day

Pull: 3 of Pentacles

Interpretation: It's all about the collaboration today, and collaboration requires strong leadership AND a sense of humility.

Sometimes we're more motivated in a group than we would be working alone. In shadow, this could show up as a feeling of unnecessary pressure to outperform others in order to prove our worth. In the light, it's an invitation to push yourself in a way that benefits both you as an individual and the group as a whole.

Questions to ask yourself today: Where could I step up more to contribute to my community? What unique skills, talents, ideas or perspectives do I have to offer in a group setting? Where might a collaboration help in motivating me to push myself in a healthier way? What do I long to create and what skills could others help me with in creating it? What can I learn by working with others?

For more insight into this card from the deck's creator, visit the website.

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