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Tarot Reading of the Day: Defining Success + Believing in Yourself

Today's card pull comes from Starman Tarot from Davide de Angelis and Esther de Angelis from Lo Scarabeo Tarot.

King of Pentacles has defined his own success, no longer distracted by the shiny things of life, he understands that resources are abundant and not finite. He compares only to himself, striving to keep his life, success, mental and emotional states as sustainable as possible. Success is no fun when it's the highest of highs only to be met with the lowest of lows. But what he asks us to do is to define our own success. What does it mean internally? How can it contribute to the collectives of which we're a member (i.e., a family, a community)? If external validation, awards and recognition were stripped away, what would be left? Would you still consider yourself a success?

Speaking of success, today I was re-reading Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout and was blown away (again) by her (re)definition of wealth: "The ease and freedom to be generous. The ease and freedom to pursue your dreams. The ease and freedom to live for the upliftment of all creation."

The Starman is the ultimate answer to fuel that redefined success. The Starman has done the inner work to make sure the outer world he manifests is pure of heart, true to himself and has developed the confidence to feel the fear and do it anyway. His talent in creating something beautiful, moving and meaningful comes from his ability to hold a clear channel—constantly improving his mental and emotional state—from which the divinity of spirit can flow through without resistance. It is no longer his work, it is the work of the spirit, the work of the divine, a co-creation of the highest good made quite literally with love.

Success never felt so sacred.

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