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Message of the Day: Work-Life Balance

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Pull: The Worker, Blossom, Mother

Interpretation: Harking back to the butterfly and transformation of yesterday, the combination of The Worker and Blossom indicate we're all hard at work on our growth (whether or not we're conscious of it). This work is within the confines of a greater whole. We're all changing and growing to benefit ourselves, but also in a way that allows us to give back to others.

And this is where the Mother comes in. Her energy is nurturing, loving and fierce. She allows us the space to rest without guilt and the feeling of warmth when our hearts need a recharge. Once we know her energy, we can cultivate it for others who need a safe, soft place to talk, cry, vent or a warm cup of tea.

In summary: We're all working together to grow by challenging each other, holding each other accountable, but then most importantly, by extending a nurturing place for ourselves and others to rest.

Journal prompts: What makes me feel nurtured? List all the people in your community that have helped you grow - and write one sentence of gratitude about each one. Where are you growing the most in life? What does "mothering" yourself mean to you? List five feelings this brings up inside of you.

Affirmations: As I work toward personal growth, I prioritize my rest. I know when I prioritize my nourishment, it benefits me and everyone around me. I give myself grace as I work toward growth.

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