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Message of the Day: Transformation

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A butterfly with blue and black wings, white and red spots on a gray background. It has the alchemical symbol for air above it. A pull from the Animal Spirt oracle deck.

Pull: Butterfly

Interpretation: Dear ones, we are in a period of transformation. Our bodies, minds, hearts, souls, worlds, relationships, governments, schools and everything else in our awareness is recalibrating these days.

Butterfly energy reminds us that out of the most uncertain situations, the deepest of wounds, the most challenging obstacles and darkest of grief can emerge the most beautiful results.

But although things can often look benign on the surface, so much energy is being used in this transformation that we'd be well served to slow down. It takes time and energy to heal and rebuild ourselves into something new and more powerful. As we continue to evolve, let us treat ourselves with grace and kindness along the way. And don't forget to rest.

Journal prompts: Where does it feel as if I could slow down in my life right now? Where have I transformed the most in the past year? What feels comforting to me right now? How can I honor the transformations I'm undergoing?

Affirmations: I honor my right to transform into a more loving version of myself.

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