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Message of the Day: Burn, Baby, Burn

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Deck: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck from Kim Krans

Pull: Cheetah, Scorpion

Interpretation: If you're reading this, it's likely you were raised in a culture that placed a high value on outward achievement. In doing so, many of us became reliant on lots of outside validation to feel worthy and develop our self-esteem. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, but in such an environment, we were also likely to devalue rest, betray our own instincts to hit the pause button, because that hit of recognition began to function like a drug. And as we climb that ladder of achievement in search of the accolades, the awards and the praise—faster, better, bigger, more—just like a drug, it takes more each time to feel the same satisfaction of that pat on the back.

And folks, this is the perfect recipe for burnout. Almost all of us will learn the hard way...multiple times. Today's reading is here to remind us before we have to learn it again.

The Cheetah rushes forth, all fire, speeding along, building momentum of this outward achievement. In context, this is a wonderful feeling. When there's too much of it, this feeling can lead to the Scorpion's warning. Which is "Hey! You're going to feel burned if you don't take a moment to think about why you're doing what you're doing and if it's really the thing you want to be doing for the right reasons."

The Scorpion is a fiery, passionate energy all on its own, but coupled with an intensity of constant forward motion, points to the feelings of resentment, anger all building within us. It's time to honestly examine our motivations and discern whether or not it's truly serving us in the right ways.

Journal prompts: Where do I feel burned out in my life? What is driving me forward right now? Where might I be rushing things that could benefit from a slower pace? What might I be feeling resentment around?

Affirmations: I trust my pace in life. I trust myself to rest before I get to the point of burnout. I foster my own confidence from inside.

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