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Tarot Card Story Time: Solar Eclipse, New Moon, Scorpio Season

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From left to right: Inanna, "Believe in Yourself"; Tlazolteotl, "Forgive" and Rhiannon, "Inner Strength" from the Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle Cards
From left to right: Inanna, "Believe in Yourself"; Tlazolteotl, "Forgive" and Rhiannon, "Inner Strength" from the Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle Cards

Pull: Inanna, Tlazolteotl, Rhiannon

Interpretation: This week was big when it comes to cosmic transitions. We eased into Scorpio season, which ushers in the mysterious world of emotions, intuition, psychic senses and sexuality. To that end, Tuesday, October 25 brought us a partial solar eclipse as well as a new moon. So, what in the world does that mean for us? I asked the cards to help us sort it all out.

What is this solar eclipse helping us transform?

The energies of the eclipse, Venus and Inanna are helping us transform any barriers we have to believing in our own worthiness. This eclipse is helping us dissolve self-doubt to help us uncover the courage we need to put our hearts on the line. But why is this such a scary prospect to most of us? Because it means we need to take responsibility for what it is we want and also open up to the possibilities that come with being vulnerable. It can be a tender spot, but Inanna surely looks like she's ready for the journey.

What space is the new moon opening up for us?

Forgiveness. Tlazolteotl doesn't care if we've been reckless in the past, she doesn't care if someone has been reckless with us in the past. Tlazolteotl doesn't give many shits about the past, but she does know how to take the trash out. According to the guidebook for these cards, her name is derived from the Nahuatl word for "garbage." In other words, there's nothing in this world that's unforgivable. Nothing. Because it's all in the past, the only ties we keep to these misdeeds are in our hearts and in our minds. This new moon invites us to cut those ties and free ourselves and others from blame and punishment. Time to start fresh. Time to take out the trash of our heart. Time to pull out the splinters. There's nothing more liberating than forgiveness.

What is an overall message to help us through the week?

Rhiannon is here with the message of inner strength. Although the outside world, the system, the society in which we live may not feel conducive to believing in ourselves or learning to forgive, Rhiannon shines a light in the darkness to show us where we can find a will to keep going. She holds us up when we're feeling weak to help us take the next step. She whispers a kind word of encouragement when we feel like giving up. She waits at the next incline to hold our hand and walk us up the hill when we're out of breath. She holds space for us, because she knows we have the inner strength to continue the journey, however arduous it may feel this week. We are supported. We are held. We are strong.

Journal prompts: When I think about my hopes and dreams, what makes me feel the most excited? When I think about my hopes and dreams, no matter how grandiose, what makes me feel the most embarrassed? What parts of my past would I like to forgive, but haven't found the capacity to yet? What parts of myself do I wish I could forgive? What people in my life do I want to forgive? When I feel like giving up, I wish I could remind myself of the time I [a time in which you overcame something challenging and felt proud of yourself].

Affirmations: I am supported. I am held. I am strong. I am worthy of all my desires and dreams. I forgive freely. My soul believes in me. I am worthy of forgiveness.

Songs to match: "Dreams"—Fleetwood Mac, "Wings of Forgiveness"—India Arie, "Don't Stop Believin"—Journey

Reading suggestions: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron


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