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Taking Up Space: "What do I need to know for a successful retirement?"

Welcome to Taking Up Space, a series using the power of tarot and oracle cards to offer real-life advice for real-life people. Why the name? Because I view tarot as a home, a structure, in which there are 78 rooms (aka, the cards). We all live in this house, visiting different rooms at different points in our lives, sometimes camping out and sometimes peeking in to turn off a light or grab something we forgot in a dresser drawer. No matter what, we all deserve to take up as much space in these rooms, stay as long or as little as we need, and know we’re always safe and supported. THAT, to me, is the power of these cards.

But wait, there’s more! Tarot, in conjunction with the advice and guidance of an expert or person who has been through something similar is even more powerful, which is why I’ve asked for their help with this column.

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DISCLAIMER: The advice in this column is not meant to replace the personalized advice and guidance of a professional. For entertainment purposes only.

About today’s expert:

Drew Kimura is a retired Human Resources Manager with over thirty-five years of experience in the petrochemicals industry. Twenty of those years were spent in the field of Human Resources. Prior experience included work in Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development as well as a chemical plant operator. Currently retired for close to six years, he enjoys his time with grandchildren, playing and singing music at church and in a 70’s rock cover band, birding, photography and fishing.

He is also my awesome dad.

You can support him by checking out his band (and booking them!) on Facebook under King Kimura.

About today’s cards:

They are from the Secret Language of Color Cards from Inna Segal and Roots & Wings Oracle Deck from Kat Ryalls

Today’s question:
“What do I need to know for a successful retirement?”

Top row, left to right: Bronze, "Strengthen Your Body," and Brilliance, "Discover Your Sparkle." From The Secret Language of Color deck. Second row, left to right:  Release, The Sun, Void, Fire from the Roots & Wings Oracle
Top row, left to right: Bronze, "Strengthen Your Body," and Brilliance, "Discover Your Sparkle." From The Secret Language of Color deck. Second row, left to right: Release, The Sun, Void, Fire from the Roots & Wings Oracle

What the cards say:

Bronze comes in with a message of taking care of your body, positioned above the Release card, indicating that you might be detoxing from old patterns, old stressors and allowing your nervous system to reset. It’s a time to release the need for speed and to practice mindfulness in whatever ways work best for you. Reconnect with the needs of your physical vessel now that you have more time and energy to focus on yourself.

Brilliance indicates that this release, this new ability to really care for yourself on a physical level will open up new ways of seeing just how brightly you shine. The card says “Discover your Sparkle,” but I think this is more of polishing what you already know sparkles and allowing that light to shine into the world. This is reinforced with The Sun card. Whatever warmth, light and love you’re able to shine into the outside will be returned and reflected on the inside and vice versa. It’s a time of warmth, love and light. Bask in it! Go out, enjoy the world around you, make plans with friends when you can, catch up on life.

Retirement will also be a great time to rest and wipe the slate clean. This is a fresh start where you can go back into the Void and find what you need to reinvent or refresh your entire being. When you re-emerge from this initial detox of stress and expectations from the corporate world, your Fire will be LIT with purpose and creativity. This could be a passion that’s allowed to flourish or a new purpose that develops with time. Either way, it’s going to be something that will demand your attention, but only because it will make you feel so alive, you won’t be able to ignore the joy it frees within.

What Drew says:

Being in the Human Resources field, I was fortunate to have been involved as a generalist in retirement benefits as a part of my responsibilities. There are many good, reputable resources available to help plan for and manage your finances for retirement. Doing a little personal research, you can find one that best fits your goals and needs. We happen to use a fee-based advisor who has been a good fit for us.

The main points from my experience is that you should start saving early and resist the inevitable temptations to spend your hard earned money on things that place you in unnecessary debt. Pay off your credit cards monthly and when possible, use as much of a down payment as you can comfortably afford for necessities such as housing and vehicles.

If you do these things, you will find yourself in better financial shape for the long haul. The concept of “delayed gratification” comes to mind.

If your experience is like mine, you will find that the greatest adjustment comes from not having the face-to-face social interactions on a daily basis. For me, after over five years of retirement, I still miss the conversations and relationships. The stress of work deadlines, limited resources and organizational politics are things that joyfully, are gone.

My life is full now with spiritual development, family, new relationships and hobbies.

Our adult children and their children are my greatest source of joy and fulfillment. My wife and I give them our highest priority.

We also love bird watching, and being out in nature is regenerative.

In addition to surfing and fishing, I started a 70’s rock cover band called King Kimura. It helps keep my mind active, but more importantly, it is a source of so much fun. If you happen to want such a band to play for your next event, let’s rock!

Best wishes on planning and enjoying your retirement.

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