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Taking Up Space: To switch or not to switch career paths?

Welcome to Taking Up Space, a series using the power of tarot and oracle cards to offer real-life advice for real-life people. Why the name? Because I view tarot as a home, a structure, in which there are 78 rooms (aka, the cards). We all live in this house, visiting different rooms at different points in our lives, sometimes camping out and sometimes peeking in to turn off a light or grab something we forgot in a dresser drawer. No matter what, we all deserve to take up as much space in these rooms, stay as long or as little as we need, and know we’re always safe and supported. THAT, to me, is the power of these cards.

But wait, there’s more! Tarot, in conjunction with the advice and guidance of an expert or person who has been through something similar is even more powerful, which is why I’ve asked for their help with this column.

DISCLAIMER: The advice in this column is not meant to replace the personalized advice and guidance of a professional. For entertainment purposes only.

About today’s expert:

Headshot for Darcy Scott
Darcy Scott

Darcy Scott is a therapist in Austin, Texas who runs a private practice specializing in neuropsychological counseling. Darcy has experience working with clients after experiencing traumatic brain injury. She also facilitates equine assisted psychotherapy, aka, she gets to work with horses in a therapeutic model. Currently, she’s working towards certification as a death doula, supporting those at the end of life. You can find her at, or at Vista Brewing Company in Driftwood, Texas enjoying a pint, where I was lucky enough to meet her while reading tarot last year.

Today’s question:
“Should I stick with my current established career path or start down a new one?”
From the Roots & Wings Oracle deck by Kat Ryalls, L to R: Unfamiliar Territory, Abundance, Gratitude, Release
From the Roots & Wings Oracle deck by Kat Ryalls, L to R: Unfamiliar Territory, Abundance, Gratitude, Release

What the cards say:

Unfamiliar Territory is, no doubt, a reference to, well, unfamiliar territory; a new career path, something different, something you haven’t done just yet. The cards are speaking loudly today, and this Abundance card feels very apt. My intention was to break the reading into half, which actually happened organically. The first two cards would be connected as their own message for one path, the other two would be connected as a message for the other fork in the road.

The road less traveled (or shall we say, unfamiliar territory) is the road of Abundance, creativity, life itself. Life begets life, love begets love, the better it gets, the better it gets. Life is a game of momentum and learning to manipulate energy in the form of our thoughts and emotions, and when we become more joyful and fulfilled internally, life reflects that back to us in our outer world. If this new career path is one that feels creative, exciting and fulfilling, these cards are affirming and reflecting that energy back to you.

As for the current career path, there’s nothing but love here too. Gratitude makes me feel like you have a lot of warm feelings for the support this path has given you, for the life it’s made possible. It’s not a sad transition or even really a tough decision (from the cards’ perspective at least). It feels as if you already know where you’re heading, but the cards are simply helping you with the sendoff. And here’s where Release comes in to give you permission to let go of this chapter or even this version of your current career path, but with a foundation of absolute appreciation. You wouldn’t be asking this question without the career that brought you to this crossroads in the first place, but this reading shows that you are aware, feeling gracious and on the cusp of something new no matter which path you take.

I would wish you luck, but you already have everything you need. So, instead, I’ll send you plenty of love.

What Darcy says:

There are so many factors that I would want to know about this person. For instance: Are they happy with what they are doing? Or are they seeking out something new because of boredom? I would want to look at their root reasons for wanting to pursue something different.

But here’s a way to approach it.

When you are lost in the woods, what do you do? Most people answer that by saying “you find your way out.” But the best answer is that you stay put and wait to be found, and actually, it's even better to gather your resources and stay put so that you're not wasting your energy trying to find your way out. It's a lot easier for somebody to find you, especially when they’re going to a good spot where there's plenty of resources like water and shelter and food.

So that is the allegory for making a decision like this. Gather your resources if you are unsure what to do or how to get out of the current career path and look at your financial impact. Do you need to be financially secure or are you able to explore and play? There are different criteria and values for everybody. Sometimes it is a financial decision, and the responsible one.

Esther Perel is an amazing sex therapist, and she talks about long term relationships as being both adventurous and having security. I would flip those two words around actually; security and having adventure. If you are looking to stay in your tried and true career path, I think it would be advantageous to find opportunities for adventure within that path. Or if you are looking for something completely new, that is the adventure side and you'll have to mirror that with some security. So as long as you can meet both needs, whatever decision you make is the right one. Have fun!

Do you need advice? Send your questions/situations/experiences to Confidentiality is respected.


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