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Message of the Day: The Masks We Wear

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Pull: Racoon, Vulnerability

Interpretation: Oof. This one hits hard, with all the feels. Raccoon's message is one of hiding behind a mask, which sometimes is a help, but after a certain point, becomes a hindrance. What does it mean to wear a mask? It could be as simple as telling untruths to stay out of trouble when you've been taught that your truth will result in punishment. For example, a child telling a parent the truth about something challenging, and the parent overreacting instead of acknowledging that it was a brave thing for the child to tell that difficult truth. These moments in our lives teach us to build up the mask, and that mask becomes a crutch in avoiding challenging moments when we become adults. The mask may serve a purpose, but at some point, for growth, needs to be retired to reach new levels of opening to love; something we all crave, but don't often acknowledge.

These masks keep us from entering a state that some may find more terrifying than death—Vulnerability. That tender, innermost part of ourselves where our truest desires live and breathe. It is a scary place to offer to the world, because in doing so, we also open up to opportunities for pain, for heartbreak and for suffering. We forget about the joy, bliss, connection and flow of authenticity, because we're so averse to future pain.

Today is a reminder to explore the masks you're wearing. Are they preventing you from finding a level of sincerity to yourself and others that could usher in a new era of acceptance and intimacy? It's ok to take it off and step into the light of your truest self. You're stronger than you think.

Journal prompts: Where could I show up more authentically in my life: Work, Home, Friendships, Partnerships, Community? Write down three moments of true vulnerability where your openness was rewarded. Where do you feel like you need to come out of hiding in your own life?

Affirmations: I am safe to be my true self. I am strong in my vulnerability. I become powerful when I open up to my own vulnerability.

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