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Message of the Day: Look For The Signs

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Pull: Spiritual Guidance, Union

Interpretation: A nice follow up to the refreshing well of hope from yesterday's Star card, this beautiful combination is pointing us to the unseen world of Spirit. Spirit can be accessed through quiet, calm, still, conscious breath and nature. You may have your own technique, and if so, please do share!

Spirit speaks in a whisper, through dreams, through the words spoken by a stranger as you pick up your dry cleaning, through feathers that float down from the trees above, through shower thoughts, through coincidences aka synchronicities. Spirit is all around, waiting for us to notice, all we need to do is find the quiet place within and go out on a limb of faith to believe we might have some unseen advocates.

Through this quiet guidance, we may find ourselves in a Union of the sweetest kind. The union of our fullest selves. The self that feels whole and held and loved just from existing.

Journal prompts: What parts of myself would I like to be reunited with? Where do I feel guided today? How can I better open up to guidance to feel more whole?

Affirmations: I am guided with love. I receive the beauty of guidance from Spirit with an open heart.


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