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Message of the Day: Let's Get Lit

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Pull: Fire, Spiritual Guidance (again!), Guarded

Interpretation: Something is lighting us up and we're starting to believe in its potential. This is such a wonderful feeling. It's the pinnacle of being alive—enthusiasm, joy, excitement—and when we feel these things, we rarely feel like keeping it all bottled up inside. It's especially palpable during the "honeymoon" phases of an idea, belief or relationship, when everything seems possible.

But Spiritual Guidance here is showing us to keep that fire going, it's not yet time to share it with the world. Keep it close, guarded and continue to stoke the flames so no one can influence the joy of this newly kindled enthusiasm until it's fully fleshed out and ready for a proper unveiling.

Journal prompts: What is lighting me up today that I can allow to develop more fully? What passion right now is one I can envision investing in for the long-term? How can my project benefit from more planning and thought?

Affirmations: I create space for my own joy, enthusiasm and excitement.

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