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Message of the Day: Head in the Clouds

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Deck: Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck

Pull: 7 of Cups

Interpretation: Perhaps today has us daydreaming or thinking of future possibilities. Seven of Cups encourages us to examine our emotional state before we dive into the dreamworld of potential. Are we dreaming, planning and visioning based on a feeling of empowerment or a feeling of desperation? Do we feel compelled to seek solutions based on comparison and a perceived lack or based on a feeling of excitement and inspiration? Are we imagining what we don't want to happen or are we imagining what we genuinely desire?

Keep your head in the clouds, but make sure your heart is grounded in strength. After all, thoughts—and daydreams—eventually become things.

Journal Prompts: When I imagine my future, which parts make me feel excited? What dreams have the potential to create a sense of optimism for me? Am I dreaming based on fear or based on love?

Affirmations: I call my future into being with loving, mindful intentions.

Playlist addition: "Daydream" by Lovin' Spoonful


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