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Message of the Day: Basking In The Glow of Our Own Creation

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Deck: The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne

Pull: 9 of Pentacles

Interpretation: It's FRIDAY! Time to bask in the glow of our own creation, friends. The message here is to take the time to celebrate, enjoy, acknowledge and embody the abundance of life itself, especially the life we've created through our love and attention.

The word "abundance" can be one that feels strange, especially as its come to reference the concept of money being the only way to experience it. And y'all, we have some healing to do around it, but today is not about that.

Today is about reframing what it means to be abundant if we're having trouble getting in that zone. To be abundant is to feel abundant. It's the feeling of expansion, growth, appreciation, and optimism. It's a grounded feeling of settled contentment and healthy security. It is a vibrancy of being alive and in the moment.

Abundance can also be thought about as a balanced flow of positive energy between us and the world around us. When we're feeling abundant, we're almost assuredly feeling generous.

Journal prompts: What's a recent "top of the mountain" moment you've experienced in the last week? What about that moment feels most abundant?

Affirmations: I create an abundant life through love and wisdom. I cultivate love and wisdom from this abundant life I live.

Add to the Playlist: "I Feel Good" by James Brown


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