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Message of the Day: All Systems Go

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King of Wands and Strength tarot cards from Modern Witch Tarot Deck
King of Wands and Strength tarot cards from Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Deck: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

Pull: King of Wands, Strength

Interpretation: Whatever today holds, the message is clear from the cards; we've got this.

King of Wands asks us to stoke the fire inside until it's ready to be directed outward for the common good, dipping into our wells of willpower, passion and inspiration for guidance. Strength is here to bolster support for this external leadership, doling it out in sustainable increments, allowing us to take charge with balance that doesn't lead to burnout and exhaustion.

Well-earned confidence that radiates from the inside is the engine that propels the day.

An oracle for today: If it feels like a "hell yes" AND instills a sense of inner peace, it's all systems go.

Journal prompts: What feels like a "hell yes" today? What can you do with that feeling to get things done? What area of your life feels like it's ready to launch? What are three action steps you can take to help get it off the ground?

Affirmations: I am empowered with a sense of purpose to move forward in life.

Songs to match: "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

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