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Message of the Day: A Call For Gentleness

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Deck: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck from Kim Krans

Pull: Deer

Interpretation: The Deer in this deck represents the quintessential mother archetype. Her energy is gentle, compassionate, patient, kind, warm, loving, nurturing and graceful.

Before we get too inside our heads about the gendering of this card, let's focus more on the energy it represents.

How would this aspect of ourselves react if we had a bad day? Would it tell us to "get over it!" Or would it silently welcome us to sit down, brew us a cup of hot tea and serve us a bowl of comforting chicken noodle soup? (Hint: It's the latter.)

Today, keep in mind that gentleness, much like hope, softness and compassion are often energies that require conscious effort to cultivate in our adult selves. If you are one to whom it comes naturally, maybe this post isn't for you. For the rest of us, it's a reminder that warmth, unconditional acceptance and nurturing is a muscle we must exercise if we're to truly experience the beauty of life as it was intended. That goes for males, females and everyone else on the spectrum. Gentleness has no gender.

Journal prompts: Where might I be resisting tenderness in my life? Why am I resistant to receiving this? What are three examples of times I chose to respond consciously with gentleness in a situation I could have easily responded with harshness? How does this make me feel when I recall these situations?

Affirmations: I am worthy of acceptance, tenderness and gentleness.

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