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Meditative Writing: On Healing And Purpose

I've started a practice I call meditative writing. I center myself quietly, close my eyes, usually with quiet music playing in the background, and I find myself in a very relaxed state. It is in this state that the words begin to flow. Here is a passage on healing from a recent session I hope you will enjoy.

To heal thyself, this is a noble cause, for you are the only one who can heal you. Through your curiosity, you find the places that need attention, the tiny paper cuts, the gaping wounds and everything in between. They ache, they call out, they live a life unto themselves within you; within a lifetime, within a swath of lifetimes. These wounds, too, are alive, they are life, and they offer a new way of life in their ache. But the ache is not meant to stay, the ache is simply meant to garner attention, to send a flare, to let you know what your purpose is here in this incarnation.

The wound will blossom, given time, attention, love and patience. Some healing is spontaneous. Poof. Goodbye, never to be seen again. This comes from a space of expectation that has been building and has grown into a fully matured belief that fuels the instant transformation. You are healed! And you heal.

But most healing comes from a space of quiet, contemplative awareness. “Why am I wounded? What is the size of the hurt? Where does it hurt, exactly? When does it hurt the most?”

And here lies your truest forms of power - the inner ache of the soul that becomes louder and louder within the form of the body and the thoughts of the mind as it is ready to begin its journey to Wholeness. The pieces fusing together from across the Universe; a giant puzzle of energy, fitting neatly into place, shifting as does the energy of your awareness and the environment in which you find yourself.

A wound is simply a piece of your soul that wishes to rejoin the puzzle. And your greatest quest in any lifetime is to seek it, find it and place it where it’s always meant to live. Inside of your heart. Inside of your body. Inside of your mind. Bit by bit, piece by piece, the puzzle comes together, and you become whole once more.


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