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Happy Winter Solstice! "I want to celebrate!"

I want to stay alive until the day I die. I want to celebrate every day.

These were the lyrics that caught my attention as I drove in Houston traffic, completely taken in by the powerful song blaring from the Sirius "Broadway" station. A song I'd never heard before and had to search diligently for afterward. It took me weeks, but I Googled enough terms to have it pull up on YouTube.

After my grandfather, Burney Aucoin passed away in 2015, I heard this song and it felt as if he'd custom picked it just for me to hear in that very moment. He was full of life, always hoping for a "shot of wine," or a poker game, some dominoes or a little Cajun dancing, and he could have easily written the lyrics.

I play it every winter solstice, as the song reminds us that even the darkest days can foster celebratory moments, moments of peace and clarity and reasons to relish in the simple fact that we are alive, right here, right now.

Wishing you light in the darkest of days, celebration in the midst of the unknown and access to that deep knowing within where you can find all this and more.

Feel the blazing fire, drink a cup of wine, I want to light a torch and teach the sun to shine. I want to celebrate every day.

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