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Happy Anniversary, Lennie Ambrose: 16 Years

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

A photo of Amber Ambrose and Lennie Ambrose from their 16th wedding anniversary dinner in Houston, TX.

1 year of running on fumes

2 awesome daughters

3 dogs in the family over our history

4 people making it nuclear

5 minutes alone is enough for whatever conversation we need during a weekday

6 is usually dinner time

7 days a week until it starts all over again

8 is when Rosslyn hops on her bike to ride to school, leaving our hearts in her wake

9 is an average of how many times we fight over dumb stuff in the course of a normal Tuesday

10 is how many times in a normal Tuesday we realize how dumb that stuff was before we apologize and move on

11 is my favorite number and I love that you know this

12 is how many Gulf oysters on the half shell we usually order

13 years ago we’d just moved to Houston and started a new chapter

14 days spent in New Mexico last year on a magical trip with family that fed our souls like no other vacation before

15 minutes of walking Blythe home from school with you is the best part of my day

16 years of learning how to be ourselves and loving each other in spite (and because) of it

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