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Card of the Day: August 16, 2022

Deck: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

Pull: 8 of Cups

It's that last line we're attuned to today, thanks to the 8 of cups. This card has been referred to as the Lord of Abandoned Success. It may feel as if you're ready to leave everything behind today. If this is a recurring vibe in your life, maybe it's time to sit with it more seriously and get introspective as to your motivations BEFORE you actually hike into the unknown.

Are you ready to leave behind the overwhelm of keeping all those cups full? Could you simplify and let go of a few before trekking into those dark mountains?

If you still feel like leaving it all behind is the answer—because sometimes it is!—make sure you're not attempting to escape emotional challenges or trauma through an impulsive life decision. Those will still find you no matter where you end up if you haven't addressed them directly.

This card could also point to a desire to move past a pattern of codependency and a need to fill everyone else's cup but your own. In which case, this adventure awaiting on the other side of the mountains is sure to be full of self-discovery, joy, resilience and elevated ways of living.

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