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Card of the Day: August 12, 2022

Deck: Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle (brand new!)

Pull: The Emperor

Interpretation: It's Friday! And whether or not you have a traditional work schedule or not dictated by "The Man," it's more of a vibe, ya dig?

In any case, the emperor is here to give us permission to get a little more of that Friday vibe in our lives. She holds the ankh (the Egyptian symbol for "life") tightly upon her thrown, sternly mirroring our grip on life.

If we could let our guard down and go exploring that city behind the throne, what could we learn? Where would we feel drawn? Where would we notice a need for repairs? Where would we find excitement? What restaurants would we eat at? What surprises would bring us joy? Pain?

An emperor improves their rule by occasionally leaving the throne (ego/outer world) and diving into the midst of their kingdom (vastness of our souls/inner world). Take a little trip into what's possible, explore what parts of yourself need a little more attention, loosen your grip on trying to control life and rediscover what's inside your soul this Friday. It's a whooooole vibe.

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