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Message of the Day: Autumnal Equinox Edition

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

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Pull: The Worker, The World

Interpretation: Equinox blessings, everyone! Today is a day of equilibrium, marking not only a change in seasons between summer and fall here in the northern hemisphere, but a day that matches the length of the night. The scales begin to tilt in favor of night from now until the winter solstice, where the day will wax yet again.

In honor of the day's theme of balance, light/dark, outward/inward, masculine/feminine, these two cards represent two intentions. The Worker is in the spot representing energy we could be spending outwardly this season and The World is in the position representing the energy we could be cultivating inwardly.

The Worker is urging us to go forth in search of ideas, projects and creativity to bring back to our community in order to create something sweet and nourishing for all. It encourages us to seek beauty and share it with others. In the process, we can "pollinate" these ideas, projects and creativity to keep them alive, thriving and expanding. It's a perfectly sustainable system for all involved. We work to fulfill a sense of purpose. The beauty of these proverbial flowers expands and multiplies. A community is nourished.

Inwardly, we're cultivating The World. No pressure, right? Before you panic, The World is simply a feeling of wholeness inside that emerges from a sense of embodying our genuine selves. It's the combination of courage to be vulnerable through expression, curiosity to explore our true desires through introspection and a healthy dose of self-love to find that inner encouraging voice.

For more context on my interpretation of The World, please check out this previous blog.

Journal prompts: Where can I look to find beauty in my outside experiences this fall? What beliefs about myself could use some tweaking in order for me to feel more whole?

Affirmations: I balance my purposeful outer work with my beautiful and worthy inner world.

Add to the Playlist: "Here Comes The Sun" and "Blackbird" by the Beatles


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