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Card of the Day: August 8, 2022

Deck: Roots & Wings created by Kat Ryalls

Pull: Rise

Interpretation: An indication that it might be time to move from one stage to another by taking conscious action. If you've been simmering in any specific state—good, bad or indifferent—this card is urging you to rise up out of this phase and answer the call of the next.

Practical advice? Take one small step to move toward a goal that's been sitting inside your heart, but you may have felt wasn't ready to see the light (until today).

For example: Create a list of ideas that help you better define this goal, follow a social media account related to your goal to learn from others, go to the library and check out a book related to your goal, call or text a friend to let them know your goal, literally write down your goal in a journal, etc. To rise means answering a call, making a commitment, stepping out of the mist and into the clarity of pursuing something meaningful. Rise indeed.

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