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Card(s) of the Day: August 10, 2022

Deck(s): Vertellis (not a traditional tarot or oracle deck, but definitely fun to use in divination!) and Roots & Wings deck created by Kat Ryalls

Pull: "Which moment would you most like to relive from the last year?" and "Father"

Interpretation: Think about a time in the last calendar year where someone communicated with you assertively, but also reciprocated by listening and acknowledging feedback or concerns. Conversely, when was a time that you did the very same? How did this gentle but assertive communication make you and/or the person(s) you were communicating with feel? Today's message might be asking you to "relive" a similar style of communication to get your point across in an assertive way.

The Father card can also indicate literal father-figure interactions in your life. It could be a certain nudge to call your dad, send a mentor a text message, or look for signs from a father or father figure who has passed into the next realm of existence.

Lastly, the Father can indicate it's time to revisit a structure that helped you create more discipline and focus in your life that may have fallen to the wayside. Do you need to create some personal deadlines to finish a project you started this year, but haven't had the time or energy to resurrect until now? Are you ready to get back into a positive habit to improve your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health that's been off track lately?

It's never too late to get back on the wagon of practices, structures and assertive communication styles that improve your life through discipline.

You've got this. I've got this. We can build strength through quiet, loving focus whenever we need.

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