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Tarot Reading of the Day: Perspective, Learning & Heeding the Call

2 of Wands:

You're able to see things from a new, fresh and healthier perspective. Taking a step back, dreaming of how you can bring your truest self to the world, you've been able to reflect on all of life's lessons from this new vantage point, and it will serve you (and the world) well.


Perspective is one thing, life experience is another. The new directions you're taking may lead down a well-worn path from which to learn. Seek connections and mentors that are well established on this path, join organizations that serve a mission that aligns with your new vision, educate yourself with what's available. This is not the time to blaze a trail, but to learn from the trails blazed by others. Humility, openness and curiosity are key.


You've heeded the call (that was the hard part!) and now it's time for the rebirth. You've fully awakened and it's time to get to work. Enjoy this feeling of refreshing newness, purpose and meaning. It's here to stay and so is your legacy.


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