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Story of the Week: Will I Marry Me?

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Overview: This week, Mary Magdalene is offering us a story of Sacred Marriage. But did we buy an outfit for the wedding? Joke's on us, because this marriage is within ourselves.

It's a call to align our inner thoughts and desires with our outer actions and words. Some real-life examples: Admitting to an addiction AND seeking help to overcome it. Speaking up at work when we disagree with an approach, even if we've let it slide in the past to keep the peace. Telling a partner we need some space to explore what life might look like without them, even when we know it will break their hearts (and has been secretly breaking ours for years). This sacred marriage is learning to live our full truth.

Some of us will work a lifetime to find the courage to express our "wholeness." This work is worth the effort and what I have come to understand as the manifestation heaven on earth: Expressing our soul selves through our human bodies.

Ok, so how do we marry ourselves?

Step 1: Shake, release, heal, move on. The medicine of the antelope.

Trauma lives in the body. Unprocessed emotions live in the body. Hopes, dreams and suppressed desires...need to be expressed through this body of ours. Sometimes the best way to shake them out is to shake our actual body. Find a practice that appeals to you. Some ideas to get you started: Walking! Yoga! Tai Chi! Turning up your favorite Spotify playlist and dancing naked in your living room! Zumba! Gardening! Hula hooping! Hugs! Roller blading! Mowing the grass! Swimming! Rowing! Canoeing! Fishing! Bowling! Double Dutch! Jumping rope! Barrel racing!

Step 2: You are more. The medicine of the eagle.

The world needs our light. Yes, us! It's time to honor our gifts and offer them in service to the benefit of the whole. Holding them back is not just holding us back, but the collective itself.

Step 3: No expectations. The medicine of the panther.

We've shaken our bon-bons, we've decided, yes, the world can use the gifts we're excited to share. Now it's time to clear the slate of how this might play out. We release control, we allow the Universe to meet us where we are, to help us transform, to introduce us to the right people, to open the right doors and help things flow effortlessly. We step into the unknown and into our full power.

Step 4: See beyond the past. The medicine of the black swan.

We are not that which has wounded us. We are not our trauma. We are not our disappointments. We are not the rejections we've faced. We are not our mistakes. We are not the wounded inner child or the raging inner teenager. We are not those we compare ourselves to. We are "rare miracles" and it's time to own it as we welcome the wholeness of who we are to lead us into new adventures.

Journal prompts: Where are my head and my heart in battle? What part of myself needs to be set free into the world? How can I accept, learn from and integrate the wounds of my past into a fuller perspective for my future?

Songs for the playlist: "Heaven is a Place on Earth" —Belinda Carlisle, "Shake Your Bon-Bon" —Ricky Martin, "Light of the World" —Godspell, "Surrender" —Elvis Presley, "Soul Power" —James Brown

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