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Message of the Day: A Refreshing Breeze of Hope

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Pull: Hope

Interpretation: Now we have a clear destination from yesterday's Passage from expectations into limitlessness. It's always been Hope waiting for us on the other side.

Solid, steady, quiet, gentle, loving, beckoning, constant. Always patient with our impatience. Always holding us accountable when we wanted to fall into victimhood. Always surrounding us with unconditional love, even if we didn't want to accept it. Always kind when we were not. Pulling us out of despair when we couldn't fathom anything else existed. Holding space for the moment we blinked and realized it's been there all along, with no strings attached, expecting nothing in return.

Hope is here. It never left.

A double rainbow set against a bright blue sky with white, puffy clouds, arching over trees and homes.
A double rainbow appeared in the western sky this morning, as if to bless yesterday's message of Passage with a real life display. It's hope waiting for us on the other side!

Journal prompts: Where is Hope pulling my heart today? How can I offer extra Hope to someone else today? What does Hope feel like on the inside?

Affirmations: I trust in the future by allowing hope in the now.

Add to the Playlist: Imagine the Universe or any higher power singing this directly to you. If you don't have a higher power, imagine your future self singing this to your current self! "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan


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