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Message of the Day: Recalibration

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Deck: The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris Anne

Pull: 6 of Pentacles, The Hermit

Interpretation: Today might be a day of recalibration. The 6 of Pentacles is all about balancing output with input, giving and receiving and equalizing reciprocities.

The question now is do we need to sit back and receive more, or have we been in a position of taking lately? Or is it that we simply need to take a break from the flow of energy between us and the world at large.

The Hermit suggests the latter of those options. Even if our outer exchanges have been balanced, perhaps our inner world needs some quiet, solo time to rekindle the spark of life within.

Journal prompts: What are three things I can do alone to feel more refreshed? Where can I limit my interactions with others this week to get back more time to myself?

Affirmations: I allow myself to receive with love. I lovingly give from the goodness of my being. I am safe to be alone. My solitude is sacred.

Add to the Playlist: "Give Me Love" by George Harrison (the best Beatle, don't even fight me on this one)


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